Zomacton HGH

 Zomacton HGH: ADGH needs to be on the Rx Zomacton is dosed in mg Mixing directions: under 0.5mg dose mix with 5ml of supplied diluent. 0.1ml or 10 units = 0.1mg over .5mg dose

Zinc sources of food

 FOOD SOURCES OF ZINC Major Zinc Containing Sources * Oysters * Meat * Eggs * Seafood * Vegetables * Dairy * Fruits * Grains * Legumes * Seeds (esp. pumpkin seeds) RDA for Zinc

Yeast Treatment

 HOME SELF-CARE FOR YEAST INFECTIONS: ** Boric acid and acidophilus capsules — fill 00 capsules with boric acid (available at any drugstore). Insert one boric acid capsules and two lactobacillus capsules into vagina every

Yeast How to Avoid Vaginal Infections

 How to Avoid Vaginal Infections 1. Wear cotton underpants. Avoid nylon underwear since it retains moisture and heat which encourages the growth of harmful bacteria. 2. Don’t share washcloths, towels, or bathing suits with

Yeast – Vaginal Yeast Infections Treatmenat

 VAGINAL YEAST INFECTIONS Y Stat™ Suppositories are a highly concentrated vaginal delivery of boric acid, berberis concentrate, calendula officinalis, and hydrastis canadensis. In a study, boric acid was effective in curing 98% of the

Why You Probably Have Hypothyroidism

 WHY YOU PROBABLY HAVE HYPOTHYROIDISM The astute clinician, Dr. Broda Barnes, accomplished some ground breaking work when he wrote a book (Solved : The Riddle of Heart Attacks) in 1976 pointing out much of

Where’s the egg

 WHERE’S THE EGG? Eggs are commonly found in the following: Baked eggs Macroons Baking powders* Malted cocoa drinks Batters for French Frying Macaroni Boiled dressing Bouillons Meat loaf Breads and Breaded foods Meat jellies


 WHERES CORN FOOD Corn is Found in the Following Envelopes Foods fried Labels French dressings Stamps Frostings Stickers Fruits: Tapes Canned Aspirin and other tablets Fruit juices Bacon Frying fats Baking mixes: Gelatin capsules

Wheat free recipes

 ˛WHEAT FREE RECIPES Products made with “non-wheat” flours are usually heavy because the flours contain little or no gluten and are usually coarse so they need special handling. Gluten is a protein and is

What you need to know about condoms

 Don’t be embarrassed. Condoms, or “rubbers” have come out of the closet as a sign of responsible love making. Condoms are now advertised and talked about everywhere. They are prominently displayed in most pharmacies.