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Atherosclerosis Prevention and Treatment

 PREVENTING ATHEROSCLEROSIS 118 “Atherosclerosis is a degenerative condition of the arteries, characterised by accumulation of lipids (mainly cholesterol, usually complexed to proteins, and cholesterol esters) within the artery.” (Textbook of Natural Medicine, p. 156)

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4-4-4 KIT Hand Out

 4-4-4 KIT The 4-4-4 Kit refers to taking four capsules each of Microbe Formulas TUDCA Plus, Lymphatic Support, and Kidney and Liver Support twice

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ABx Support 60 VCaps

 ABx Klaire Labs: Support 60 VCaps Normal gastrointestinal flora can be compromised when an individual undergoes antibiotic therapy. ABx Support is a dietary supplement

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